Hero Superpowers – gain the upper hand in battle!

What is your favourite method of destroying your enemy’s tiles?

Do you prefer hurling fireballs down on your enemies, or will you choose to lay poisonous spikes down the enemy tiles’ paths? Maybe you’d prefer setting a powerful mine amidst the battlefield, or strike an enemy down with a huge lightning? The choice is yours!

Evertile contains several different superpowers – each one with its own unique advantage, and each one to suit a different playstyle and strategy. You can use your superpower to obliterate the enemy when he’s weak, to undermine his control of the battlefield when he’s strong, or even to hinder his manoeuvrability across the field and get some breathing room to re-gather your forces.

Let’s dive into each type of superpower:



Rain down a small apocalypse on your enemies!

Casting Fireballs will bring down fiery wrath on the battlefield – but fear not! It won’t hurt your own tiles – only your enemy’s!

Sometimes, keeping this superpower until the last few seconds of a fight can turn the tide of war and bring unexpected results – so use it wisely!

Pro tip: Wait for your enemy to have 4 tiles on the board for a maximum effect.


Poisonous Spikes

Lay poisonous traps for your enemies!

Casting Poisonous Spikes will lay down 3 special spikes on the battlefield. These sharp, poisonous thorns will remain on the battlefield for 3 turns and will deal poison damage to any enemy tile that moves through them. Poison damage is sticky and will remain on a tile for several turns, reducing the tile’s health each turn.

As you lay traps, your enemy will try to avoid falling into them, which will force him/her to change strategy and will undoubtedly hinder their ability to plan an attack!

Just remember – some tiles are immune to poison!


Drop a deadly explosive mine at the middle of the battlefield and watch your enemy flee in terror!

Casting Mine will drop an explosive bomb in the middle of the battlefield. The mine takes one turn to charge, and then it explodes with a devastating power that hits over a third of the entire battlefield!

The mine’s AoE damage is most deadly in the centre of the battlefield – where it will instantly kill all enemies around it.

Enemies that are a bit further from the centre will still be damaged but at a lower rate.

Drop the bomb and watch your enemy quiver in fear!


Heaven’s Wrath

Show your enemies that you wield the power of the heavens!

Casting Heaven’s Wrath will drop a powerful thunderbolt, which will instantly kill one random enemy tile.

That’s a pretty powerful power to wield! Is it the only drawback? You can’t really control the elements of nature – and in this case, the thunderbolt might not necessarily kill the specific tile you wished for….. So try timing it so that it has less variety to choose from if you can!


The importance of keeping a well-balanced mana-yielding deck

Different tiles yield different amounts of mana when they hit.

For example, Support tiles typically generate more mana than Damage Dealers, to count on their lack of attack damage.

As you play around and build your perfect deck, keep in mind the mana yield and try to balance powerful Damage Dealers which might help you kill more enemy tiles faster, with Support or Tank tiles which will help you generate more mana faster so you can unleash your superpower of choice!


Gaining Mana

Remember that mana is only generated upon successful hits! Even more importantly, remember that mana will slowly decrease over time until you fully charge the mana bar. This requires planning ahead – sometimes it’s best to take a bit longer to plan a move and lose some mana for the long-run – like when trying to box an enemy in a corner.

Other times, it’s best to “go for the kill” and earn mana quickly so you can use your superpower and decimate the enemy!

Good luck!


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