Mana: What is it, and what is it good for?

As an Evertile champion, you possess a unique superpower. This special ability can be anything from raining down fireballs on your enemy, through setting poisonous traps across the field to laying explosive mines!

But in order to use your superpower – you need mana.

Mana is accumulated by making successful hits with your tiles.

As you can notice, each tile has a little mana counter on it – this is the amount of mana that specific tile contributes to your general mana pool upon a successful hit.

Each type of tile will contribute a different amount of mana to your pool.

Damage Dealers, as your most aggressive units, will contribute the least amount of mana, typically – while Tanks will typically contribute more mana, as their attack stats are often lower.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see your general mana pool and watch it fill up as your tiles hit the enemies.

As soon as the bar is filled, you can unleash your superpower and rain chaos upon your enemy!

Note that different types of superpowers will require a different amount of mana to be unleashed. For example, Fireballs will require more mana than Poisonous Spikes.

After unleashing your superpower, the mana bar empties and you can start collecting mana again by making successful hits.

However, note that collecting mana might not be as easy as it sounds!

Collected mana will slowly evaporate from your mana bar over time – so you must make quick, successful attacks, to keep the bar filling again and again.

Mana will evaporate at a rate of 1 mana every 2 seconds.

Once the mana bar is full, though – it will cease evaporating and you can decide when to use your superpower at your own leisure.

Good luck!



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